The BENEFITS of Belonging to PACI are as follows;

All Friends Pagers and Donors will receive regular email correspondence, newsletters and notices of current plans.
These will also appear on the Website and progressively on Facebook.

All Donors will be recognized via Membership Kits and Postings on our Website.

Donor subscribers to the Mario Calanna Round Table will be recognized on a special Website posting including their Logos. Plus PACI Information Kits for their use.

Founding Members of the Round Table will receive special recognition.

Volunteer Pagers will receive some training and be given special recognition.

All these do not compare with the personal satisfaction one receives from helping our fellow Aussies.


If your life is unselfish, if for others you live.
For not what you get, but how much you give;
If you live close to God in His infinite grace –
You do not have to tell – it shows in your face.

PACI has a policy to reward its friends, members, donors and partners in suitable ways that reflect the service given in the pursuit of helping their fellow aged aussies to live the richer, healthier and happier years of life. PACI’s events and Functions will be the platforms to recognize and honour the service to the community of the above people.

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