Community Hub Agreement

We/I agree as a member/s of Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated to participate in the Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated Community Hub program beginning in the date chosen below and lasting for a period of 12 weeks.

The Program will be in delivering the Steady Steps Falls Prevention gentle exercises in sessions of approx. one and a half hours duration in a once a week time frame.

We/I will allow a team of 3 to 4 Senior Volunteer Pagers to come into our premises and use the facilities within to conduct the classes/sessions for the benefit of residents.

In return for this FREE PACI service, the building and facilities will be open for the benefit of Seniors who live outside in private homes etc to a radius of approx. 5 kilometres.

We/I will liaise with PACI as the program starts and develops.

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It is a pre-condition of belonging to PACI as a Community Hub Location that you become a DONOR Corporate Member, as a DONOR Community Partner Member, or as a DONOR Round Table Member.
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