Positive Ageing Cairns is a Health Promotion Charity

What does that mean?

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For a not for profit community association, to gain the status of being a Registered Charity was a long and sometimes confusing web of procedures, investigations, asking questions and gaining confidence of establishing partnerships. Eg. The Cairns Hospital’s Rehabilitation Team.

The main area was for PACI to show that the Steady Steps exercises benefit patients that suffer from chronic diseases. This was done through the Cairns Hospital’s Cardiac & Pulmonary Education, Rehabilitation & Self – Management Team at Cairns North Queensland Health Facility.

The Australian Tax office was contacted, that resulted in PACI calling a special meeting where a few motions were passed to satisfy the needs of the Tax Office as well as the Office of Fair Trading (Justice Department).

PACI became a registered charity in May 2012.

The reasons for obtaining DGR (deductible gifts registration) means PACI can apply for Grants that require it for applications. And all gifts, financial, property, shares, bequests from wills, are TAX deductible.

This DGR status will help PACI to realise the goal of sustained invome to implement the ongoing plans PACI has developed.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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