PAGER Volunteer Agreement.

In accordance with Volunteering and associated Insurance needs the following questions need to be answered.

  • I agree to be a member of Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated.
  • I agree to be a Senior age Volunteer PAGER and to be trained for participation in the Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated Community Hub program.
  • I will willingly use, to the best of my ability, my special skills that I have acquired during
    my earlier years, for the benefit of all Seniors.
  • I agree to work in a spirit of co-operation with my fellow volunteers, PACI office and the
    people and staff at the Community Hubs.
  • I acknowledge that the training given for me to be a PAGER is provided FREE.
  • In return for this training, I will commit myself to volunteering some hours per week in the 12 week Community Hub program commencing and finishing on the dates chosen below.

Approx 2-3 hours per week is needed

General training will be given in; Steady Steps exercise, CPR, Counselling, Social Inclusion & Communication Speaking.

If unable to attend for any reason, I will notify the PACI office or my Team Leader, at least 24 hours prior.

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