Steady Steps Program

‘Steady Steps’ gentle exercises have the ability to enrich seniors lives in all aspects, physically, mentally and socially so that the golden years of ones life are fulfilling and rewarding.

Program Overview

The Steady Steps program has been designed and developed by Fitness Queensland in collaboration with Queensland Health and Sport and Recreation Queensland to include prescribed low impact gentle exercise which incorporates the principles of balance, strength and stability in Older Adults.


Along with the practical information and application of the methodology on how to minimize the risk of FALLS and the subsequent poor health of Our Ageing Population as a result of poor mobility, reduced independence, loss of functional strength and increased morbidity.

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Positive Ageing Cairns Incorporated Invites

Patients who have completed the Cairns Hospital’s Rehabilitation programs
Attended Community Health’s Balance & Strength Classes
Diabetic Folk
Seniors in the Community of all races, colours and creeds.
The Seniors in the GP’s Health Management Plan

Please speak to your own doctor on the ‘Steady Steps’ Program.


Every year one out of three seniors over the age of 65 years will experience at least one FALL per year. That FALL could result in a broken leg, a broken hip that leads to hospitalisation, and could lead to having a stroke and worse, even death.

Steady Steps Classes

A typical Steady Steps Falls Prevention program is as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 3.08.54 PMThe team leader is a qualified fitness person with full credentials as per the Fitness Australia manual. She/he leads the class and is helped by some dedicated  volunteers, whose role is firstly – to help the team leader in setting up the room, and secondly – to help, support and encourage the senior participants to follow the team leader.

The volunteers are called Pagers – P for positiveness and ager for ageing.

PAGERS are people who have a zest for living and a desire to help their fellow seniors.

The classes run for approximately 75 minutes, 45 minutes of exercise, followed by a short talk in seniors interests and always followed by a cuppa.

The program is once a week for a period of 12 weeks.

Steady Steps Venues & Timetable

Heritage Gardens, 11-21 Barr Street Earlville
Monday 10.00 AM

St John’s – Cnr Kamerunga & Fairweather Rds, Redlynch
To be resumed – stay tuned

Mercy Place, 257 Gatton Street, Westcourt
Thursday 10.00 AM

Fit360 2/232 Mulgrave Road, Cairns
To be resumed – stay tuned

Oz Care – most Wednesday mornings
Call 1800 692 273 for details

Atherton – Pending

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